Interview with World Kickboxing champion, Ali Khanjari

I knew of Ali Khanjari from many years ago when we were both in Iran. WAKO the biggest Kickboxing organization of the world was just getting started in Iran and he was a very talented and experienced fighter already who found his way to the international tournaments. At that time I was working as a contributing editor of the best martial arts magazine of Iran and we were covering his achievements.


However we finally met in person over ten years later at White Rock, BC! At the home of our mutual friend, another world champion Mostafa Sabeti who will be interviewed soon for this website.

Ali has been training and teaching at Vancouver Revamped fitness and his team did great at recent West Coast Can-Am martial arts by winning several medals.
Here is our interview with this long time champion:
1. Tell us about how you got in to martial arts and specially Kickbxoing and Muay Thai?
As a child I was quite small, I wanted to do martial arts so I can defend myself. I started with Karate, after getting my black belt, I started kickboxing because it was a challenging and required thinking. Muay Thai is the ultimate stand-up martial art and the most difficult and I have had an opportunity to train in Thailand for years.
2. What are your biggest international achievements as a fighter?
Asian champion
European champion
WAKO World cup champion


  1. You have been competing for a long time. How much Kickboxing and Muay Thai and level of competition has changed over the years?
    I started competing in kickboxing from 1998 till present and started competing in Muay Thai from 2005.
    I think as years are passing I’m entering more advanced competitions with more experienced fighters.
  2. Tell us about World Combat Games and if it can be considered a tournament in the level of Asian games or Olympics any time soon?
    World Combat Games is like Olympics for martial arts. The most important event in the world, the best of each continent get the chance to perform in it. Asian games are only for Asian countries. Unfortunately kickboxing is not in the Olympics, therefore the highest rank of competitions go to the combat games.
  3. With a great amateur and professional background what has stopped you fighting at promotions like Glory?
    I have fought in K-1 and my fight was considered the fight of the night. I have been promised to fight soon in K-1, the problem has been there hasn’t been any competition in my weight class in k-1. As for glory, I have my eyes on the organization and have taken the initial steps, hopefully good news.

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