Interview with MMA fighter, Sabah “The Persian Warrior” Fadai

He has the same last name but no he is not my family member :-) but I have been following his fights for a while and had a chance to interview this young and bright fighter. Although he is very young, he has had years of experience and tons of fights under his belt and is looking forward to fight in UFC.

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Interview with Russian fight scientist, George Basargin

I knew of Geroge Basargin before as I had seen his fighters competing in the local tournaments. But I had not met him until one of my good friends said he has been doing personal training with him and has been very impressed with his knowledge.

I have been around for a while training martail arts for years and don’t get impressed with someone very easily. But I can tell you George is very technical and knowledgable and has a very good eye in noticing and correcting problems.

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Interview with “Teacher of Teachers”, John Graden

I did this interview with Mr. Graden back in 2005. If you are a martial arts professional you definitely know of him. His book Black Belt Management was revolutionary and he has helped so many martial arts instructors and school owners to make a living by doing what they love.

I think I have read all of his books and have learned a lot. I have interviewed with him over email in couple of occasions and he has graciously accomodated it although I am sure he is a very busy individual.

I hope we finally meet one day. Thank you sir for all you have done for martial arts.

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