Interview with MMA fighter, Sabah “The Persian Warrior” Fadai

He has the same last name but no he is not my family member :-) but I have been following his fights for a while and had a chance to interview this young and bright fighter. Although he is very young, he has had years of experience and tons of fights under his belt and is looking forward to fight in UFC.

When did you start martial arts training and how did you get in to MMA?

I started training kickboxing some time in 2006. I moved away from home to attend Thompson Rivers University for my bachelors of science and I wanted to pick up a new sport. I was tired of soccer, basketball, and volleyball. I dont quite remember what made me choose kickboxing but I signed up and I loved it and I was getting good real quick.

 You have been fighting for years now. How much do you think MMA has changed in the past few years?

 Well there is no doubt that there has been tremendous change within the sport. I started watching Pride before i watched UFC. I was watching KOTC before I watched UFC I think. but there is no questions about what is the biggest organization out there. UFC has taken the sport to a new level. But if it wasn’t for guys like Fedor, Wanderlai, Shogun, Don Fry, Dan Severen, Royce Gracie, Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture the sport would have never sparked. Well it might have but we would never know. 

Can you see yourself fighting in UFC? What is the plan to achieve that?

 I wake up and go to sleep every day and the one of the thoughts that goes through my head is fighting in the UFC. Not a day goes by that i dont think about when my time will be to shine under those bright lights, that humungous octagon, and thousands of screaming fans. End of this month I will go tryout for the Ultimate Fighter season 22 and God willing i get chosen to be a part of the show, I will guarantee that i will bring pain to my opponents. Nothing personal, but that is combat sports for ya.

What is in the future for MMA? Can you imagine MMA in Olympics?

The future of MMA is infinite. Just taking into consideration where it has gone in the short amount of time it has been here, you cant possibly know. Take Boxing for an example. It’s been around for like 200 years. and its gotten to the Olympics. Wrestling is and has been part of the Olympics sports since the beginning. Already there has been talks about Jiu-Jitsu as a part of the Olympics which is so fascinating. but for sure we will see MMA in the Olympics and not only we will see it as a part of the Olympics, but as spectators we will count the days down till the Olympics comes back around just so we watch the MMA event again. It will be the most popular event.

 I think martial artists are the lowest paid professional athletes of the world. Do you agree? What is the solution do you think?

 As far as money goes well we are and we are not underpaid at the same time. let me explain. lets use boxing as an example once again. It’s been around for 200 some what years. It wasn’t until the Mike Tyson era that boxers were talking “Multi-million dollar” contracts. that only happened roughly 20 years ago. So it took boxing 180 years to get there. UFC has been around for just over 20 years and athletes are already getting paid million dollar salaries. But who are those guys that are making that kind of money? its the people that we ALL know. Why do we know them and not every fighter on the UFC roaster? Because they are boring. they come to collect a check, not to entertain. This is the entertainment business. they dont realize that if you are an exciting fighter then you will get paid more. If you think well if you go out there and put on a show and lose a few then you will get kicked out of the UFC. WRONG!!! name me one exciting fighter who comes and puts it on the line that has lost a few and they kicked him out. look at clay guida. He is no good, but he comes and performs. Diego Sanchez sucks, he absolutely sucks, but he will re-sign another multi-fight contract i promise you. Recently Phil Davis left the UFC and signed with Bellator I heard. If thats the case well we can tell that UFC didn’t even want him around because they have the rights to match the Bellator contract. but they didn’t. WHY? cuz Phil is boring. TALENTED. but BORING and UFC didn’t want him around. The solution to this is that us as fighters, we must go and perform and entertain. That is the solution if getting more money. The UFC has and makes tons of money yes. But 90% of the roster is un-deservant of getting that sort of money. Floyd Mayweather. in his next fight, including purse and endorsements, he will walk out with 200 MILLION DOLLARS. But go on his twitter, instagram, facebook or any social media out there and he is there starting up a storm. I say TBE what do you think that stands for? yup you guessed right The Best Ever. He isn’t the best ever but he made those acronyms famous. It’s soooo stupid but he made it famous. He puts in work. HUSTLE. GRIND and you will make that money.

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