About Vancouver Martial Arts Blog


This blog is dedicated to greater Vancouver martial arts community and will feature local instructors, fighters and successful schools and their activities.

There will be articles, news and instructional videos shared by local instructors and fighters as well as international super stars.

Martial arts have been a life time passion of mine. I am a full time financial planner and life time martial artist who enjoys training, teaching and writing about martial arts.

My martial arts articles have been published in Canada, USA and UK and I have won 2 silver medals for Canada in 2008 and 2012 from WOMAA World Martial Games. I am also certified Kickboxing and Karate Instructor and have been a black belt since 1997.

Throughout the years I have had the pleasure of training with some excellent martial artists and instructors and the purpose of this blog is to share the knowledge with the other martial artists and enthiusiasts.

Sensei Alireza Fadaie

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