Exclusive Interview with Karate Legend, Bob Wall



1-You are known as the film star and many may not know that you have been a superb karate competitor,could you please tell us about your records and background as a competitor?

I was fortunate to take 1st or 2nd in all of the major karate championships of my era from 1963 to 1972

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Exclusive Interview with Bill “Superfoot” Wallace

1-Lets go back to 70s,who were the establishers and
great names of Full Contact Karate?

Joe Lewis, Benny Uriquidez, Bill Wallace, Jeff Smith, Dominique Valera, Don Wilson, and several from Holland and Germany.

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Exclusive Interview with BJJ phenomenon, Eddie Bravo


Eddie Bravo, a Jean Jacques Machado black belt, started training BJJ in May 1994. He won the Abu Dhabi North American Trials lightweight division on October 5, 2002, in San Diego, California—earning the “Most Technical Fighter of the Night” award.

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Traditional martial arts vs MMA

I remember when Kickboxing was becoming popular in 80’s and early 90’s many of the Karate, Kung Fu and TKD schools converted to become Kickboxing schools. Now with popularity of MMA, I am seeing more and more schools are converting to become MMA schools or at least offer MMA classes.

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Exclusive Interview with greatest Karate fighter of all time Joe Lewis

I did this interview with Mr. Lewis back in 2002. He passed away last year and unfortunately I never got a chance to meet and train with him. Rest in peace Mr. Lewis you did so much for martial arts.

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