Interview with Sal Snickers from Clinch MMA

Here is our interview with Sal Snickers one of the successful instructors and martial arts school owners with extensive experience in martial arts from judo to mma.


  1. As someone who started with stand-up martial arts, what made you to try BJJ initially?
  2. I had to tighten up my game. I was grappling nogi for 7 years very regularly as a professional MMA fighter, and i recall the first day i rolled with my friend who trained in Gi for close to 2 years, and he mopped the floor with me NOGI. I respect the gi for teaching me tightness. I train in a Gi ever since that was 9 years ago. I also train a lot of Nogi.
  3. As someone who has fought and trained at Thailand, how is training there different from here?
  4. I try and keep the same structure as they do in Thailand. We are spoiled here by so much technique. In Thailand, they focus on reps and basics. Always working on getting stronger. No secret, just hard training. A lot of gyms locally do not Clinch or use knees and elbows in controlled manner. This has a lot to do with the MMA craze, so alot of true authentic styles have been lost.
  5. What made you move your school from Burnaby to Port Coquitlam?
  6. We are so fortunate to have outgrown our old home. And when the family gets bigger, we needed a bigger facility to accommodate all the programs and athletes. We were looking at places from Vancouver to the tricity areas, and found our new home in POCO. The feedback has been positive.
  7. As a martial arts school owner what are some of the challenges of running a school?
  8. Training is the biggest factor. You have to some what sacrifice your goals and put them on the side, so that you can focus on your students. You cant train as hard as you need to be alert to deal with many aspects of the gym, including students, parents, promoters, athletes, customer service and administration to name a few.
  9. What are your personal and professional goals for yourself and your school?
  10. I would like to acheive my blackbelts in Judo and BJJ. I love learning and will continue to grow as a martial artist everyday. Slow and steady 1% minimum per day. My goal is to have 10 blackbelts.

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