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This interview with my friend Leanne Babcock proved to me how little I know about nutrition. I have been following Leanne’s great work with athletes and how she helps people transform their bodies in just a few months and even win medals in local fitness competitions. Nutrition and diet is as important if not important than your exercise plan. Here is my interview with her. For more information contact her at


What are some of the common mistakes you see people make with their diet for weight loss?

 Not eating regularly. 
Metabolism is charged by active fuel and if not ignited every 3-4 hours the body goes into an idle state.
This will cause low energy, fat storage, risk of losing muscle and poor performance when exercising or competing.
Another common mistake is not eating metabolically active meals. 
Each meal should be balanced with either a protein or essential fat and then paired with a metabolically active carbohydrate.
I primarily work with a glycemic index system rather than calorie counting.
Food has a huge affect on blood glucose levels which will dictate energy, muscle maintenance/growth and fat metabolism.
For example, processed foods are very high in glycemic index with little to no nutrient content and will build up toxins in the digestive system if eaten in exess.
Depending on the clients goals, activity level, genetics, and muscle mass I adjust what type of carbs they eat with either a protein or essential fat.
Clients don’t have to waste time and energy on worrying about  counting calories and this way I can keep my clients satisfied all day from this approach.
What are some general advice that would apply to everyone regarding weight loss and diet?
1) Keep in tune with how you feel after eating a meal or snack: Is it giving you energy or making you tired? Are you craving sweets after you eat? If so, your meals are not balanced properly or you may have a digestive concern.
2) If you are exercising regularly and not losing weight? There is a nutrient imbalance in your fuel intake and you are possibly losing muscle mass.
3) Be aware of your bowel movements: Are you having daily BMs and if not this can cause a big slow down in weight loss, chronic headaches, mood swings and other.  Healthy digestion is key to a efficient body and mind.
4) Always drink 2L of water a day, not including workout hydration
What is the right way for weight loss for athletes who want to make weight and some of the common mistakes you see?
Not eating enough prior to the event to make weight.  This will sacrifice muscle and overall performance.
There are tricks you can do to drop body water weight without taking extreme measures via saunas and running in plastic jumpsuits:)
The ultimate goal is to drop body fat weight and keep your muscle.  In order to do this effectively you must consume high protein and low glycemic carb meals as you approach competition.  Along with a light cardio and sodium load/drop phase 2 weeks out.
After weigh in drink plenty of coconut water and high glycemic index carbs to have energy reserves for fight day!


About Leanne Babcock

Leanne Babcock started in the fitness industry over 20 years ago. While continually instructing various fitness classes, Leanne acquired her Fitness Leadership Diploma, ACE Personal Training Certification and various other certifications over time.

Following her passion of helping people, Leanne Co-Founded a Small Personal Training Business

Sweat Technologies Inc. in Fort St. John B.C. where she instructed various types of Group Fitness Classes, developed a Post Rehab program for ICBC and developed an ongoing First Nations Fitness Program.

Advancing her ambitions she started another business in Grande Prairie, A.B., Velocity Fitness that branched further into Competitive Fitness Training.

Leanne competed for four years winning the Alberta Overall Fitness Champion Title in 2004 and placing top six in her years of Canadian National Competition. With her success in this competitive sport, Leanne has dieted and trained many aspiring competitors who all proudly made it to a competitive level.

Currently Leanne is a contractor for Team Fitness in North Vancouver, B.C. where she specializes in providing online Meal Planning Services to clients who are looking to lose weight, gain weight and/or go to a competitive level. Throughout her accomplishments and business endeavors, Leanne attended International Conferences and Seminars to keep up with the leading edge of Fitness Professionals.


   In order to achieve; you must have a plan.  Only then will your inspiration grow and take you where you want to be.  Stay focused on your plan!

 Education and Experience:

1993-1996 Mount Royal College, PHED Diploma, Fitness Leadership Concentration

1998-2009 ACE, Personal Trainer

1997-2013 IDEA Member & Conference Attendee (1997,1999,2000,2003,2009, 2012)

2006-2009 CANFITPRO Member & Conference Attendee (1998,2006,2007, 2008)

1996 Dale Carnegie Certification

1999 AAHFP, Post-Rehab Conditioning Specialist

2003 Jen Hendershot Phat Camp – Competitor Training and Education Camp

2013 – Fresh Start 12 day Health Retreat Educational Attendee

2013 – Hip-Hop Certification Milo Level

2015 Raw Food Chef Certification with Raw Foundation and Culinary Vancouver

2008-2016: Team Fitness Owner, Trainer and Meal Plan Specialist

Specialty Areas

Online Meal Plan Specialist

I also work with Alpha Competitive Team:

Yelena Yermolenko

Body Transformation Fitness


ACSM Certified Fitness Trainer LaBlast Master Trainer

Cell 604.767.4207


Go Yoga and Fitness Inc.

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Personal Achievements

Featured In:

OXYGEN MAGAZINE, April 2005 Issue MUSCLE MAGAZINE, Dec 2001 Issue Competitive History:

1st Place & Overall Title at Albertas in 2004

6th Place in Fitness at Canadian Nationals 2004

5th Place in Fintess at Canadian Nationals 2002

3rd Place in Fitness at Albertas 2001





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Yoga Dojo was founded by Paul Nijar a life time martial artist, traditional Chinese medicine practitioner and certified personal trainer. The way we met each other was the magic of social media at its best. I got to know Paul through our mutual friend, Ricky Shetty and met him in person at the social media mastery summit.

When I went to his studio at Surrey I had no idea what to expect. But once I startyed the class I realized quickly that Paul had no intention to make up a new phony style. Every single movement made complete sense to me and while all the movements where stationery and not dynamic, I was sweaty and tired at the end of the session but at the same time full of energy. Some Yoga movements combined with some familiar martial arts stretches made a great work out. It was very creative to add stick movements which I really enjoyed.

Being a martial arts student for a long time, I have been lucky to have been around many masters. In my opinion Paul Nijar is a true martial arts master and a very competent teacher. Making people feel comfortable around yourself is an ability not many people have. Paul is genuinely secure and confident person and I never felt any ego in his teaching. It is very obvious he has passion for what he does and I am sure he will do more great things.

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