My experience with Yoga Dojo


I had never tried Yoga in any shape or from which may sound odd as I have been a martial arts student for a long time and Vancouver is kind of a Yoga city. However when I heard of Yoga Dojo and Yoga being mixed with martial arts, I thought I have to give it a try.

Yoga Dojo was founded by Paul Nijar a life time martial artist, traditional Chinese medicine practitioner and certified personal trainer. The way we met each other was the magic of social media at its best. I got to know Paul through our mutual friend, Ricky Shetty and met him in person at the social media mastery summit.

When I went to his studio at Surrey I had no idea what to expect. But once I startyed the class I realized quickly that Paul had no intention to make up a new phony style. Every single movement made complete sense to me and while all the movements where stationery and not dynamic, I was sweaty and tired at the end of the session but at the same time full of energy. Some Yoga movements combined with some familiar martial arts stretches made a great work out. It was very creative to add stick movements which I really enjoyed.

Being a martial arts student for a long time, I have been lucky to have been around many masters. In my opinion Paul Nijar is a true martial arts master and a very competent teacher. Making people feel comfortable around yourself is an ability not many people have. Paul is genuinely secure and confident person and I never felt any ego in his teaching. It is very obvious he has passion for what he does and I am sure he will do more great things.

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