Interview with owner and head instructor of Richmond Martial Arts

I have known Johnny for years and have seen his school grow.Johnny is a good guy, good martial artist and good business man who runs one of the most successful schools at Richmond. Here is my interview with Master Johnny Ahmed:

  1. What do you think has contributed to the success of your school?
    I got my self a coach who ran a successful school (up to 1300 students) and I followed his guidance. Also, running the school just like any professional company and not a hobby. Which means starting work at 9am or earlier.


  1. What do you think makes your school different from other schools?
    We offer a lot of different classes for all age levels. (ages 2 to 60), we also teach life skills.
  2. Why people come to your school instead of another school at Richmond?
    Very friendly staff, kids appropriate curriculum and having numerous classes throughout the week (7 days per week), clean facility and modern. Our location is also in a shopping mall which allows parents to shop while their kids train.
  3. As an old TKD practitioner do you think with the rise of MMA and modern martial arts, traditional martial arts are still relevant?
    Yes traditional martial arts is very relevant, children still need the life skills that only traditional martial arts can bring. Also, majority of the fighters in mma that are successful have some sort of traditional background.
  4. When you started as a school owner what were your biggest challenges?
    Trying to retain students and keep them training for longer periods and achieving their black belt or other fitness goals.
  5. Do you have any plan to expand?
    Yes at the rate we are growing I will need to get a bigger facility within the next 1-2 yearsWhat are your future plans for your business? To purchase my own building and continue with the growth of the school and build a brand here in richmond that represents family and achieving goals and building future leaders parents will be proud of.

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